4 Pin LED Light Strip Connectors JACKYLED

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  • MAX WATTAGE: 72W max wattage, these led connectors can be used for both low and high wattage light strips.
  • FIREPROOF MATERIAL: These led light connectors are not made from cheap flimsy plastic like others. JACKYLED led connectors are made from PBT material, which is heat resistant, fireproof and no Fire Hazard.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: The led light strips can be locked and connected very tightly by the connectors. 4 Pin LED Light Strip Connectors are better than the corner connectors because you don't waste space with the wires that connect them, the two strips literally join together right at this connectors.
  • EASY TO USE: Open the wire clip. It should snap open with just a little effort. Insert your 10mm LED light strip inside the clip underneath the two contact prongs, making sure the side of the strip aligns with the + symbol. Close Snap the wire clip shut. Gently pull on the wire to confirm you've secured the strip inside the connector. If you need to solder it with light strip cable, you had better use less tin in order to avoid short circuit.
  • PACKAGE: 20 pcs 10mm wide 4 pin led connectors for 5050 SMD RGB led strips. MAKE SURE you put the led strip under the pins and not on top. Also be sure to cut along the suggested line evenly so there is room for a proper connection on each side. If you have any issues, inquiries or need assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.


4Pin RGBW Connectors with Cable For 5050 RGB/RGBW LED Strip Light

❤10mm 4pin 12mm  5pin Connector with Cable For LED Strip SMD 5050 RGB/RGBW , No Need Soldering
❤Simple, tool-free installation
❤Reliable connect, good performance
❤Connector: 4pin 10mm
❤Material: PBT
❤Working temp: 0~40℃
❤Storage temp: -20~60℃

Installation Instructions:
❤Ensure your section of LED light strip has two contacts (+ and -) and the contacts are both clean
❤ Open the white clasp of the connector
❤ Insert the LED light strip into the clasp, under the prongs - making sure to match the + and - on the strip to the + and - on the clasp
❤Close the clasp
❤ Gently pull on the LED light strip to confirm you've made a solid connection
❤ Your connection is made!

PCB Connector is only for
1. 5050 LED Strip Light
2. LED strip in RGBW color

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